For such a small place, Sri Lanka offers so much that many come here for their honeymoon. Yet the sting in the tail comes when you quickly realise that the country still clings on to its anti-gay laws introduced by the British during the colonial years in the 1880s. Even though the courts have declared these laws to be unenforceable, the fact that the Sri Lankan government refuses to get rid of them is a sad sign that Sri Lanka is still very much a conservative society where you do need to tread cautiously as an LGBTQ traveller.

We explore the anti-gay laws along with other general advice for LGBTQ travellers in this comprehensive gay country guide to Sri Lanka.

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在一方面,斯里兰卡政府拒绝废除反同性恋法律和常使公开同性恋的声明。他们甚至点缀反同性恋的法律。例如,1995年,斯里兰卡司法机关修订后的第363补充“严重猥亵”as a crime punishable with a fine and up to 2 years in prison (section 365A) without giving any guidance as to what constitutes“严重猥亵”。As such, the LGBTQ community can either be arrested for“性交”(如果陷入的行为),或者更宽泛地定义“严重猥亵”

然而,在另一方面,斯里兰卡最高法院还宣布,这些法律现在非强制和休眠。我们希望,事实上,整个水域的大姐姐 -印度在2018年同性恋合法化,will surely inspire Sri Lankan lawmakers to also do away with their anti-gay laws.

Is Sri Lanka safe for LGBTQ travellers?

As disdainful as the anti-gay laws of Sri Lanka are, we don't think this should stop you visiting. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with so much wildlife, safaris, beaches and a rich cultural heritage. As a gay couple travelling in Sri Lanka, we felt very safe. Sri Lankans are very welcoming people and super curious towards foreigners whether straight or gay. At worst they thought we were twin brothers! We never felt in any danger for being gay nor ever experienced any homophobia; put it this way – we never thought twice about booking a double bed anywhere in Sri Lanka.

There is even a growing number of hotels specifically targetting gay travellers. For example,戈麦斯广场在尼甘布是男性,唯一的救命稻草和迪克曼andBinnacle度假村(也是在尼甘布)是众所周知的同性恋友好。



LGBTQ rights and gay travel in Sri Lanka
斯里兰卡的LGBTQ权利are progressing slowly but surely! Source:GayStarNews



一个技巧是使用同性恋交友应用与当地人联系。在像斯里兰卡国家,同性恋是如此的地下,像Grindr应用字面意思是“成为”同性恋场面!通过我们的一些同志斯里兰卡的朋友给了我们另外一个地方的技巧是使用gay section of Lanka Friends与LGBTQ当地人联系。


In the absence of a gay scene, there are no official queer hangouts in Colombo. However, the city has a large LGBTQ community living here. We strongly advise using gay dating apps and social media to tap into the local scene and find out about any underground ad hoc parties/events taking place. For example, the Lazaani Hotel often hosts gay parties and events – see video clip below.

当我们访问科伦坡,我们发现,连接到大连锁酒店的酒吧和餐馆是最同性恋友好,在这里我们觉得最舒服的掌上电脑。例子包括肉桂大酒店Juliana Hoteland of course theLazaani Hotel

In terms of gay cruising in Colombo, local friends there told us the best spots (where both straight and gay men go) include: the bushes of the Wellawatte Railway Station, Bambalapitya beach, behind Majestic City and around the Colombo Fort area after sunset



尼甘布有一些“非官方”同性恋酒店值得一试。其中主要的一个是戈麦斯广场,which is men-only. The other gay hotels of Negombo include the迪克曼andBinnacle– both of which are “adult-only”. In terms of LGBTQ hangouts, the bars we felt most comfortable in (as a gay couple), were罗德奥酒吧Serendib Pub。Negombo Beach is also a popular gay hangout spot during the day. After sunset, look out for the“beach boys”(伴游本地名称)巡航沿海滩的客户。


Top experiences in Sri Lanka for gay travellers



Incredible train journeys through tea plantations

The best way to enjoy some incredible scenery in Sri Lanka is by taking a train journey through the lush landscape

一个词,stunning!Even with all the train travelling we've done from theTrans Siberian railwayto the high-speed Shinkansen trains of Japan, nothing compares to the train journeys we took in Sri Lanka. The most impressive leg is from康提努沃勒埃利耶然后train ride to Ella。The journey takes you through the lush green tea plantations then powers into the spectacular cloud forests. Locals get on and off at each stop while school children run along the tracks to catch up with the train so it can take them home. It's truly an experience you'll never forget, especially if you sit by the doors of the train.





Active gay travellers to Sri Lanka will love the Ella Rock trek for some impressive views

有斯里兰卡许多著名的跋涉中,最受关注的是亚当峰,这更是一个铁杆的朝圣跋涉佛教徒,涉及的面非常早期的唤醒。但是,我们反而建议立足自己艾拉漂亮的小镇,这是美丽的山和丘陵所环绕。在这里我们最喜欢的长途跋涉是艾拉摇滚,这是稍微难,但不会太费力。然而,从埃拉岩石的观点是别的东西!哟u can长途跋涉艾拉摇滚自己and it only takes around 4 hours from start to finish, so can be done at any time of the day you fancy. The other popular trek to do in Ella is the shorter and easier小亚当峰


斯里兰卡is a wonderful destination for spotting the majestic Blue Whales who come here to mate and feed

We lovedspotting orcas in Argentina所以我们在做斯里兰卡抓住了这个机会。该国的南部海岸是为察觉的蓝鲸,特别是围绕Mirissa的最佳场所。这是因为这里的水是特别丰富的浮游生物,只要海况良好的几乎保证了踪迹。今年的最佳时机来的是月之间4月,海况最有可能是最佳的。当我们来了,我们很幸运,看到一个男蓝鲸我们的旅途中拉拢女性 -absolutely incredible!然后在回来的路上,我们发现许多海豚,甚至一对乌龟交配!有一两件事,我们强烈建议只用一个负责任的公司谁由WDCS(鲸鱼和海豚保护协会)制定的标准去遵守。



Whilst doing a cooking class may sound obvious and slightly cliche but hear us out; Sri Lankan food is one of the best we tried in all of Asia. With so many different nationalities leaving their mark, the island offers up a variety of cuisines. You can read more about our favourite Sri Lankan dishes below, but even better, try to do a cooking class or ask your hostel / guesthouse host if you can cook with them. We did this with our hosts in Ella and Negombo who were both happy to show us their recipes forrice with curryanddevilled大虾



The tea industry of Sri Lanka is immense. During the British Colonial years, the tea industry flourished in Sri Lanka, which is why the trains were built across the tea plantations – to take it to the coastal ports so it could then be shipped over to Europe. Nuwara Eliya is the most famous place in Sri Lanka for tea plantations. It is nicknamed“小英格兰”因为英国殖民者在19世纪40年代建立了它的魅力。在努沃勒埃利耶,您可以访问许多茶园之一,采取参观,有一个品酒会,并了解更多有关草药是如何收集并制作成茶包我们在超市买的。



If you read all the guidebooks and online accounts of Sri Lanka, they'll rave about Kandy. We'll be honest, we weren't blown away by it. The most famous sight in Kandy is the神圣的佛牙寺,这是古城里的一座佛寺。它以藏有佛牙遗物而闻名,但实际上你没法看到它。取而代之的是,它被保存在一个形状像一个达戈塔(佛塔)的金色棺材里,里面有一系列六个逐渐变小的达戈巴棺材。这座寺庙令人印象深刻,但我们觉得它对虔诚的佛教徒来说可能更令人印象深刻,更有意义。

Vitamin Sea and impressive sunsets

The beaches in Sri Lanka are beautiful, with romantic sunsets and lots of surfing spots

Whilst Sri Lanka doesn't have the best waters(这是波涛汹涌和相当粗糙!),海滩是可爱。一些我们最喜欢的是Mirissa和乌纳瓦图纳,都在南海岸。每天傍晚日落是真正的东西唏嘘不已。如前所述,水本身是粗糙的,因此没有很大的知名度,所以不要来这里期待浮潜。但是,如果你喜欢冲浪,这个岛是为你,有很多优秀的冲浪地点,以及对那些具有不同程度的技术人员选择。最好的办法是,斯里兰卡是一个长达一年的冲浪目的地所以每当你访问你可以打那些波。

Pride and gay events in Sri Lanka



这是艺术,音乐和所发生的每年斯里兰卡的海滩之一演出了为期一周的聚会部落/节。虽然这是一种狂欢的那些谁喜欢psytrance /暗恍惚音乐,节日背后的组织也关注慈善救助和生态可持续发展的项目,所以你可以觉得参加这种包容的舞蹈活动良好。


Book-lovers will not want to miss out on the Galle Literary Festival, as it's one of the most well-known and highly anticipated literature festivals taking place in south-east Asia. The festival is for both authors and literary enthusiasts from around the world, with a variety of events taking place in the historic Dutch-influenced加勒堡,which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The festival includes art exhibitions, talks, history walks, workshops, cooking classes and more.


僧伽罗佛教徒和泰米尔印度教celebrate New Year in Sri Lanka around the 13th or 14th of April at the sighting of the new moon. Locals usually celebrate the New Year for seven days, taking part in religious activities and serving traditional foods with family. Coconut-based sweets and delicacies are particularly popular at this time of year. If you're visiting Sri Lanka during this time you'll see lots of festivities taking place, while many hotels and resorts will also include you in their celebrations.

卫塞坡芽 - 灯节(可能)

卫塞波雅节是许多亚洲国家举行的庆祝佛陀诞生、觉悟和“涅盘”的节日。Vesak Poya也被称为光明节,因为佛教徒用纸灯笼、粘土灯和复杂的“kudu”来装饰他们的家,这些灯是由许多颜色装饰的小灯笼包围的大灯笼。全国各地也有路边摊,免费提供食物,这是一种功绩。

Colombo Pride(六月)

The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, has been hosting gay pride events for 15 years. Organised by平等地LGBTQ组织,它面临着在过去的一些回送和恐吓,但事情肯定提高。科伦坡骄傲的事件包括大游行,彩虹风筝节,聚会,舞蹈表演,艺术和摄影展览。退房科伦坡傲慢的Facebook页面获取有关未来事件的最新信息。

Abhimani Queer Film Festival(六月)

此外,通过举办平等地是Abhimani,斯里兰卡唯一的LGBTQ电影节。节日礼物来自世界各地的国家的一系列奇怪的短长篇电影的。检查Abhimani Facebook页面上的下一个节日更先进的最新信息。


Food and drink in Sri Lanka

美食家会斯里兰卡 - 我们确实这样做了!

斯里兰卡食品is hands down one of the best in Asia. These guys make a神圣的从绝对什么咖喱,不管它是一个菠萝蜜或紫红色。下面是一些最好的食物的摘要/饮料,你需要在斯里兰卡尝试,但对于更深入的指导,请务必仔细阅读我们关于文章斯里兰卡食品






如果你看到在斯里兰卡的东西,就是所谓的‘deviled'then you know it's going to bespiiiicyy!也被称为“ISSO baduma”在斯里兰卡缠着虾通常担任开胃菜或与一些餐前drinkies。对比酸甜笔记创建口味上你的味蕾爆裂。一杯烧酒(见下文)对特别好与devilled虾的甜味,锋利的笔记,或者你可以只用一个清爽,冰凉的啤酒享受。




String Hoppers

Rice hoppers are one of the kinds of tasty snacks you'll get to sample in Sri Lanka




也拼写koththuorkotthukothu roti是一种独特的斯里兰卡菜,由一种扁平面包(roti)制成,将其切成丝,然后与蔬菜、鸡蛋、肉和香料混合。所有的东西都被切碎,一起在平底锅里煮,发出特有的敲击声。街头小贩们经常制作出极富戏剧性和节奏感的kothu roti,所以这道菜既有趣又美味!在科伦坡狂欢一晚后,作为回家路上的零食,它也很受年轻人的欢迎。



Believed to have been brought to Sri Lanka from Malaysia in the 18th century, watalappam (sometimes called watalappan) is a well-known and delicious dessert. It's kind of like a flan but made from coconut cream, jaggery (a type of palm sugar), eggs, cashew nuts and various spices. Watalappam is delicious and lighter than air, sometimes with chopped nuts on top to add a bit of a contrasting crunch to this soft dessert. It's very popular during weddings, festivals and religious celebrations.


Arrak is a coconut-based alcoholic drink you have to try when in Sri Lanka!

Arrak是斯里兰卡的签名精神。它是从只有两个成分制成:水和斯里兰卡椰子树的花未开封的蒸馏水汁液。男子称“托迪攻丝机climb to the tops of coconut trees to collect the sap, which is then allowed to ferment. After 24 hours it becomes a mildly alcoholic drink (known as a托迪),然后放入大桶的木材或铜剧照年龄,往往持续多年。烧酒其实是世界上最古老的蒸馏酒之一,甚至比苏格兰威士忌年龄大了,非常漂亮的鸡尾酒的一部分,或者混有一些姜汁啤酒。只是要警惕解酒如果你喝太多,因为它是非常强的!



在英国占领斯里兰卡茶plant was smuggled into the country from China and soon tea plantations started popping up all over the place. Tea production thrived in the climate of Sri Lanka, due to the humidity, cool temperature and rainfall, especially in the central highlands. Sri Lanka is now the world's fourth-largest producer of tea, which is pretty impressive especially considering its small size. There's a fascinating tea museum located near Kandy, or you can tour a plantation in Nuwara Eliya as mentioned earlier in this article. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy a cuppa at some point during your time in Sri Lanka!












If you're looking for a gay-friendly travel company to organise your whole trip to Sri Lanka, we've partnered with Pinky Swear, an excellent gay-owned travel agency, who offer tailored tours and itineraries for LGBTQ travellers.



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如果你正在寻找做豪华的Safari,我们强烈推荐的服务主营员,谁帮助我们组织我们safaris in Yala and Udawalawe National Parks。我们住在帐篷华丽的住宿,配备了特大号床和私人浴室。所有餐点都用美味的斯里兰卡厨师准备,并伴随着一些优质的葡萄酒。我们的Safari浏览器的亮点是野生动物,并感谢我们热情的指导,我们成功地看到野生豹和许多亚洲象。这是一个千载难逢的经验,一个,如果你计划访问斯里兰卡,你千万不要错过。



(*)您也可以联系主营员directly, just make sure you mention Nomadic Boys in your enquiry to benefit from the 5% discount.

Plan your trip to Sri Lanka

We've put together some handy hints and tips to help you plan your own trip to Sri Lanka. Read on to find out everything LGBTQ travellers should know before they go:

到那里怎么走:由于这是一座孤岛,你很可能需要通过到达飞入斯里兰卡。The main international airport is Bandaranaike, located north of the capital Colombo. There are buses to take you from the airport to downtown Colombo, although we usually prefer to预订私人机场专车fer与讲英语的司机,这样我们就不需要处理在一个新的国家到时麻烦。

Visa requirements:斯里兰卡的电子旅行许可(ETA)系统,这意味着许多国家的游客可以办理旅游签证在线申请,而不必费心去大使馆。一些国家的居民确实需要在外交使命的人申请签证,所以一定要预留足够的时间您的旅行之前检查斯里兰卡您的个人签证要求

四处逛逛:斯里兰卡is a small country, so it doesn't usually take long to get from one place to another. Public transport consists of buses and trains, both of which are affordable, although the trains are much better than the buses in our opinion. Here is a more详细指南运输斯里兰卡内

Power Plugs:斯里兰卡uses power plug types D, M and G. Unless you are travelling from the United Kingdom, India or some countries in Africa, you will most likely need to带上旅行适配器与您用你的电子产品。

旅游保险:有时,当你正在旅行,事情就出问题。无论是航班取消,行李丢失或者你摔倒了一些楼梯,你永远不应该没有旅行保险,以保障覆盖意想不到的成本出行。我们一直在使用WorldNomads Travel Insurance多年,非常喜欢他们。他们提供全面的覆盖,很容易提出索赔的在线需要的时候。

安全保障:为了保证我们的安全行驶时,我们喜欢用关Circle's ‘virtual bodyguard' app。Just by using your phone you have access to security alerts and can request help, ranging all the way from advice to emergency evacuation. Read more about CloseCircle in our guide onhow to stay safe while travelling

接种疫苗: Travellers to Sri Lanka should be up to date with all routine vaccinations (such as measles, mumps, rubella), while the CDC also recommends getting vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid. Depending on which parts of the country you are visiting/what you plan to be doing while there, you may need further vaccinations, so make sure to检查疾病预防控制中心网站and speak to your doctor before you book anything.

货币:在斯里兰卡使用的货币是斯里兰卡卢比。货币代码是LKR,它的写作卢比。$ 1美元转换成约181Rs,€1大约200RS约227Rs£1个品牌。

小费文化:有一个在斯里兰卡强大的小费文化,这主要是因为这样的事实:工资低。一般来说,如果你收到良好的服务,你会小费10%,饭店的帐单和小费酒店的工作人员身边,每天1000RS(大约是$ 5 US)。这里是一个详细guide on tipping in Sri Lanka想要查询更多的信息。


在线隐私:Following communal violence in Sri Lanka in 2018 and 2019, the government dramatically increased censorship online, including blocking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. If you want to be able to reliably (and privately) access the internet, we recommend using a VPN service likeExpressVPN。他们的服务是非常可靠和实惠,使您能够轻松连接服务。

住所:当在斯里兰卡寻找住宿的地方,我们总是使用(和爱)预订网站。With so many options, excellent 24/7 customer service and an easy to use online system, it's always our go-to when planning our travels.


当访问:斯里兰卡的天气是由两个季风季节的支配,但幸运的是他们影响了岛上的两侧交替,所以你几乎可以访问全年。为了获得最佳的体验,请访问十二月间西/南海岸和山国 - 三月和/或四月间东岸月 - 9月。

Follow our tips to plan a fantastic (and safe) journey to Sri Lanka

Safety tips for gay travellers to Sri Lanka



  • Check official government advice before you go。We recommend all travellers do this for any destination so that you are aware of what is happening and what your country's government currently advises. For gay travellers from the United Kingdom,这里是斯里兰卡目前的旅行建议
  • 虽然斯里兰卡人非常热情好客的人民,记住,同性恋是非法这里and society has very conservative opinions about it, so it's best to avoid any PDAs.
  • 就像在世界任何地方,要注意周围的环境,特别是在科伦坡。游客通常被视为容易采摘小偷扒手和,所以一定要确保你总是关注正在发生的事情在你身边。在斯里兰卡交通也可以是相当混乱的,所以你想知道什么,以避免事故发生的事情!
  • 避免过量饮酒和吸毒。斯里兰卡has some really strict laws especially in relation to drugs. As you arrive at the airport, a sobering sign at Immigration reminds you arrests for drugs can carry the capital punishment! We're not saying don't have a good time, but be careful! In addition, people who are obviously intoxicated or high are going to be seen as much easier targets than others. Just try not to overindulge and be aware of your surroundings even while partying.
  • 不要在公共场合穿贵重物品。This is basic common sense, especially in Colombo. Petty crime is common here, as it is in most big cities around the world, so the more bling you show off, the more alluring you become as a target. We recommend leaving your valuables and important items locked away in your hotel safe.
  • 投资于一个良好的钱带. 虽然你可以把大部分物品锁在旅馆里,但你在探索的时候需要一些现金和信用卡。尽量不要随身携带所有东西,我们还建议投资一条好的钱袋,它藏在你的衣服下面,这样别人想抢劫你就难多了。

For more inspiration:







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  7. 你好,我真的很喜欢这个网站,写关于斯里兰卡同性恋旅游,今斯里兰卡正在改变LGBT权利。接受来自社会。

    OMG… Jimmy Essex and Charles get Engagement in Sri lanka while they vacation.

  8. 作为一个后千禧异性完全支持LGBTQ权利,我只想说,这是越来越防抖。(不合法。)有它不是一个接受,更像一个中性反应。这个概念不是现在一些新的SL。他们是缓慢而稳步地习惯了。这主要是老一代不喜欢这种改变。因此认为它是对文化的羞辱和宗教是没有办法这是一个障碍。至于(大多数)年轻的一代,他们是越来越开放的态度。很少有开放的同性恋者,甚至在学校不给狗屎别人怎么想。这真是令人耳目一新看到的变化。因此,有希望!

  9. 喜斯特凡和SEB ...

    谢谢for this blog . by accident I found your blog, but I think this is grate, am very happy for this as it is a very difficult life if you are a gay in Sri Lanka. and what Kalu has said is the real truth and there are more to the fact and different personalities are facing different issues to fight. I do curse God for making me a gay as explained by Thushara and Few others it is greatest challenge for a Gay guy to live in Sri Lanka, if you are not married it is a big issue for a guy than for a Girl, the pressure is from all parts of the community.
    我曾与一个人谁给我,但由于他的家庭压力,他终于有了结婚是年轻了4年半的老牢固的合作关系,这对我来说是非常困难的时期,我仍然没有恢复它,现在我们难以满足或在电话里说是为我的朋友家人的生活,我根本就不理会他的支持。除非他需要从我一些帮助。他希望我结婚,但对于让别人快乐的缘故,我还没有决定把一个女人的生命处于危险之中,因为我知道,我不是异性恋者。But most of my friends have got married due to the pressure from the family and, most of their life’s are not normal, in fact just this morning a friend who got married last year call me to check if I know any drug such as Viagra as he is not having any feelings toward the wife and now both families are bothering him as they still not have a baby and now the guy is in misery. I know some older friends of ours who are gay and married but live a double life.
    So been gay and living in this part of the world is a terrible experience. Even I wish there is a organization who can help people like us to migrate to a Country so we can live at ease and Happy… I have thought of committing suicide when am badly hurt for the same issue. But our life goes on .. without a light as there is no one to talk to since this is a criminal offence

    Thank you for your effort to change the world



  10. 哇,这些采访是我最喜欢的你的一部分blog. It’s so fascinating to read and learn about gay lives in other countries. it’s so sad to hear about it, but at the same time very important for us to learn. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our little bubbles where it’s safe.

  11. 说这句话有点晚了,但这篇文章很好,这让我很难过,因为我从这篇文章中学到了更多关于我国家同性恋的知识,而不是在这里生活了一辈子。这一切都源于一种奇怪的文化观念,即男人只有在能看穿女人并有孩子的情况下才是男人。我知道这很粗俗,但是啊哈。

  12. Hi Steph and Sebs,
    No one knows who I am until todate except few of my close friends. They still forcing me to get married, but as Kalu said that I really don’t want to put another innocent girl in a difficult situation. Twice I got cought with CID (criminal Investigation Department) officers..luckily they did not file a case in the court but I had to pay huge amount of money for them according to release me.

  13. 嗨斯蒂芬和塞巴斯蒂安,

    Just wanted to mention ,though the people who making law in Sri Lanka,consider LGBT relationship as a crime,my religion(Buddhism) hasn’t stated it as a crime or a sin,in order to remove a misunderstanding about my religion(Buddhism)
    Happy travels!

  14. 嗨,我chathuranga,和22岁。它是高兴地谈论斯里兰卡同性恋者。我也是谁住在斯里兰卡一个同性爱人。实际上它是如此伤心这里的同性恋情侣的情况。我们仍然不知道发生了什么事我们,但我们仍然是聚集在这里。我的一些朋友直接了解我的,我是一个同性恋,有人正在接受它,有些人tharally拒绝它。但我不想一辈子娶一个女孩。很多人的最后选择这种方式来住他们的家人和朋友。但我认为,我们应该住在一起,大家都争相走海外国家对居住的地方是可以接受的。但它是不容易去那里,我们会尝试。 it is the my wish. I love him so much and i need him. i have no life without him.

  15. Thank you for all these touching testimonies and nice comments… Having traveled several times for long stays in SL since 2012, I didn’t find the gay issues in this country very different than what they are in other neighboring countries (like India for instance). Officially, laws, religious codes, social / family constraints, etc. are obviously a relatively big part of the picture and, if, as a gay foreign tourist, I always felt very relaxed, it was not the case for my friends/partners… But, having said that, there is another part of the picture, surely much more hidden and not very clear for short time tourists : the reality of the day to day sexual life of Sri Lankan guys, before and after marriage, is an important presence of same-sex activities and, sometimes, relationships… This phenomenon seems well known by big portions of the population (more men than women apparently) even if not mentionned, refered or told… Like in many other developing countries, it can be partialy explained by the difficulty for young men to have sex with girls whose virginity is regarded as part of their family’s honor and a condition for them marrying properly one day. But, this explanation is insufficient and, actually, same-sex activities/relations take place and are even seeken in a relative climate of acceptance as part of a kind of “never expressed underground culture”…. No doubt that we are very far from the western gay culture and a SL guy will rarely define himself as “gay” even if there’s no girl in his sexual life… But no doubt also that this “traditional” same sex activities/relationships is nowadays very much disturbed by the irruption of this western gay culture through the growing number of western gays visiting Lanka as well as by the huge sources of information provided by social medias and the Net in general… Despite what we could attend at the present, I have the strong feeling that things will change very, very fast in the coming years for gays in this country : 1) Neighboring mastodon India is changing its rules in this regard (just check the statements done this week by Union finances minister Arun Jaitley about section 377 of the Penal code) and such a change will necessarily concen SL. 2) One of the top Sri Lankan leaders is gay (I don’t name him by discretion but all SL gays know who he is) and, if he will probably not take the lead of legal changes, he will certainly favor them. 3) Tourism industry is in its fast growing phase and none of its big men wants the country to be regarded as an homophobic bastion surrounded by opened-minded competitors in this business. 4) Last but not least, mentalities are changing very fast in this country which main religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, are not amongst the more homophobic in this planet … To make it short, when a young guy writes in the main picture of his facebook page “My life, my rules” believe me or not, it’s a bomb and it will blow out centuries of bigotry, male chauvinism and paternalism…

    • This is amazing – thanks so much for your comment Santiago. I can’t wait to see these changes unfold in both India and Sri Lanka

    • 嗨圣地亚哥,你是一两件事,是关于高级官员在政府非常正确的,这是二号人物,他是同性恋,他facke一个marage有女同性恋的女人,这是一个方便的婚姻为他做政治作为这是不容易的一个同性恋做政治也有许多同性恋部长和MP S IN议会谁是本UNP政府的成员。前外交部长公开承认自己是同性恋。

  16. 非常感谢您和“Kaluu”分享斯里兰卡他的经验和当代LGBT生活的见解。非常有意思。而太感谢了博客上“有趣的男孩” - 我要补充一点,我的阅读清单时,我这个月晚些时候访问斯里兰卡。

  17. 这是一篇非常有趣的文章。我是一个美国同性恋的人,谁是与斯里兰卡人谁在这里住了过去24年的关系。(我27岁,他是41),我们在一起已经快一年了。他是出于对他的兄弟,而不是他的父母或家人回家。这不麻烦我真的,但他的母亲在这里建立与妇女日期为他在纽约,这已成为我们关系的问题。他仅能看到她每年一次,当他回家过节,不知道该如何或即使他应该告诉她。这是非常令人沮丧的我,因为他要满足这个女孩,他说,让他的母亲高兴,但无论我说多少我了解他的情况,我不能说我同意或与它很确定。I don’t know what to do- Am I being an unsupportive boyfriend if I stand my ground on this (We’re talking about a partner going on dates with other people here, come on, I’m not crazy, right?) or should I be more sensitive and flexible to the filial piety that is expected of a first son?

    • 嗨Gabriel和感谢您的评论。我同意这是尴尬,但不会真的叫他从我们的观点正确同性恋点会议的人他没有吸引到一个日期吗?来自希腊的家庭这是它缺乏方法同性恋者类似的到来,我可以同情,但程度有限,因为我很幸运,生长在像伦敦这样的地方。

      I asked Kaluu what he thought and he replied with:


    • 我想对你说。我是从斯里兰卡到24岁来的。让我知道,我会通过游牧男孩给你我的联系方式。兴发938

        • SHANI你可以承揽我用全l.am工作saudi.arabia利雅得OK就叫我到我的手机其他明智更好whats.app也同样数量的我的工作,他的医疗tecknology我的电子邮箱不能正常工作呼叫我嗬嗬IMO等很快assposiable电话966554375401

    • It’s really sad to hear these stories. I’m a srilankan girl and I have similar problem too. So I understand how hard this situation is. I’m working in abroad so I can stay away from the society. Now a days my family wants me to get married. I even don’t like to hurt their feelings. If anybody wants to married juat to make parents happy ur most welcome to contact me. We can be a good friends too.. My email:[email protected]

    • Oh my gosh I hope this issue has resolved itself by now? It is totally understandable to feel as you do & in my opinion your boyfriend is being extremely selfish doing this!?! How would he feel if YOU did it to him (he would say he understands but he wouldnt like it… believe me!?!) Stand your ground… if he doesnt have the courage at his age to tell his parents the truth now for you he never will. You deserve better!
      Best Wishes

  18. 很幸运的,因为在19走出我的生活一直是一个由一天变得更好。我出生在一个佛教家庭康提搬到科伦坡放学后的工作和学习。我一直站在我的立场和重视我的人生一样多,因为任何人都重视自己。问世以来我已经通过我的家人艰难的时期走了,但他们幸运的是最终可能会打开他们的头脑。我在我的工作场所开得和永远不会有我有任何问题或偏见 - 我把自己当作了我周围的同性恋人的榜样 - 改变始于足下他们说!这是一个漫长的过程。有一次,我坐了下来,阿玛茶在家里,她问我男朋友的人,我看到当时的情况。她是够甜终于承认,她没有反对我,但社会的任何事情,我会更好地适应更进步的西方国家。刚刚分享我的故事说,这是不是所有的坏,但话说回来,我觉得我的很幸运者之一!保持微笑

    • 嗨德克兰。感谢您的阅读和一个多么可爱的故事阅读


    • 非常积极的后德克兰,确实是一个榜样。很有趣的文章伙计们。我住在伦敦,多年前来到我的父母那里,他们住在科伦坡。虽然他们没有敌意,但他们从不承认我的性取向。我想这是一个很小的代价,因为他们总是非常欢迎我介绍给他们的任何合作伙伴。

      • Lovely to meet you Desh and thanks a lot for your comment. Definitely doesn’t seem to be the easiest place for a young gay boy to grow up in

  19. I think you guys should put together a book of all these interviews, they’re so interesting. Of course, it is very sad too to hear about people living in such oppression and secrecy.

  20. 其实有更多的问题,你有面子,如果你在斯里兰卡一个同性恋的家伙。斯里兰卡称作为一个佛教国家,人们相信他们的文化准则高度的地方。在SR斯里兰卡法律体系的同性恋行为必须是犯罪行为的一个点。但是,我们要问是同性恋如何构成刑事犯罪。在实践中大多数斯里兰卡人用它来认为成为一个同性恋是犯罪的事,异常的事情,心理问题,人格障碍,拆毁的文化规范,降低社会价值的东西,破坏父母和亲戚的梦想。

    但它并不值同性恋在那里的人的思想,感情,关系,因为不确认行为。我一直认为我的异性恋朋友和一些ANTY同性恋朋友上面这些。”怎么会这样人的情感犯罪或行为异常?然后他们说。没有确认的事情在斯里兰卡。但后来我又问有没有人在全国副任何尊重?然后他们说,这是不是匹配我们的文化。根据有关同性恋人民的想法,我认为在斯里兰卡,没有常见的原因是,尽管同性恋者。但在实践中也有生活在斯里兰卡大多数为性目的更多的同性恋人,有些是关系。对于关系它不是一个值。 because they have to fulfill parents dreams and hopes with marrying a woman .







    • 你好,苏莎拉,

      谢谢so much for reading our post and for your comment. It is very sad to read this and we wish you the best of luck in trying to emigrate somewhere more open to your relationship.




    • 亲爱的Thushara ...
      我是一个双性恋女人在SL上女同志朋友和我去那里下个月GOR 4周。我告诉我的朋友(谁比我和onky给她的母亲没有其他人更年轻的)我希望作为一个西方女人要能带我的朋友同性恋地方tbere也是同性恋者。如果您知道的任何地方,请发邮件给我?
      Best Wishes